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Hi all, I need to understand how KB are organized:

If I go to and then filter by topic "XG Firewall" aka (  I Expect to view latest articles published or last modified...

But why I can not see this KB for example ?



  • Hey  

    The KB's are organized by date of creation on that list. However, the date that you see within the article, is the date they were last modified.

    The KB article that you linked was last edited: 23 Mar 2017
    However, the KB article was actually created: 28 Oct 2016

    Also, this may be more of a General group type website question rather than a specific XG firewall behavior question.
    Please move this thread accordingly :) Thanks!


    FloSupport | Community Support Engineer

  • In reply to FloSupport:


    ... and why not create a filter... last modified to see those?

  • In reply to GabrieleD:

    Filters are currently unavailable, but I've forwarded this suggestion to our website team for future consideration.


    FloSupport | Community Support Engineer