XG Firewall - Roadmap?


is there a roadmap for the XGs for the next major versions and the planned functions?


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    As far as I know there was also a partner meeting on March 1st, but no news was released after that...

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    Just upgraded one of our branch office from 17.5.3 to 17.5.4, got some troubles with dhcp (devices doesn't get the gateway ip, ipconfig /renew very slow) and a pppoe connection doesn't came up till i disconnect and reconnect it manually...

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    Problems start to pop up on XGV17.5.4 MR-4 ...

    On Google Chrome 73.0.3683.86, here is what firewall rules look like now :


    It happened to me before.  But closing the web page and re-opening it would solve it.  Not this time.  It happens on all firewalls and is now permanent.

    Paul Jr

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    i had exactly the same error a while ago. In my case it helped to clear the cache data in Google Chrome. But i think it's the same with other browsers. Wink

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    Oups !!!  I forgot to clear the cache this time.  Annoying to say the least.

    I had to do it twice ... Meaning clearing the cache + closing app + testing = failed + clearing the cache again + closing app again + worked this time.

    Paul Jr

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    Just a reminder that this is not the thread to post issues that you have with upgrades.

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    Alda wrote already a while ago. 

    - v18 Beta - for partners April/May
    - v18 GA - September / October
    - v18.5 - Q1 2020

    We'll see.

    Time to post basic list of requirements again:

    1. Logs are still helpless.
    2. Would be nice we had something that compares to Checkpoint ...
    3. Some shy improvements in v17.5.
    4. The best would be a direct link with WireShark while logs becomes acceptable in a future version.
    5. STAS needs a complete remelting.
    7. Instead of going tru all those ports, registry keys, et.c. non-sense setups ?
    8. XG as an NTP is a basic requirement. Should have been done long ago.
    9. Full features DHCP. At least we could point desktops to 2 or 3 trustable NTPs.
      Pooled NTP web sites is such a non sens to me.

    2017 and 2018 were dedicated to bug fixes and stability almost exclusively.  2019 so far has only timid improvments.
    Hope 2019 will bring us on par with the competition.

    Paul Jr