Switched from UTM to XG

Hi guys,

I've recently made the switch from UTM 9.5 to XG. The reason for this can be explored here:



I doubt somebody will read the thread, but in short it was because the UTM, at least in my experience, is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to NICs. I simply could not make it work.

It's also worth mentioning that XG runs fine on the exact same PC where the UTM didn't want to work.

However, in my opinion the user interface (UI) of the XG is far behind the UTM. UTM is so much nicer looking and more intuitive.


I'm having a hard time understanding whether features are enabled or not on the XG, and HOW to enable/disable them.

How can you tell whether Application control and web filter are enabled or not? And how can you enable/disable them?

  • Most are enabled within the firewall rule except the IPS and mail scanning. If you don't add a feature to a rule that feature is not applied.

    Some features have sliders and others have tick boxes.