Well, i was very excited to upgrade for the "HeartBeat".. still no tools to import HUGE configs to XG from SG on same hardware?

I have read all the past discussions on this and everyones dismay that you cannot import config after upgrading the software. It was stated a "tool" may be available to do so? I'm wanting to implement the nex-gen HeartBeat but thats only on XG. And, we have lots of configuration on current SG device. Would take DAYS and most likely end with lots of human error and down time.

  • they've been promising a migration tool since they bought cyberroam. What's that been, 2 or 3 years ago now? Still no way to migrate.

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    I just has a meeting with my reps.  They said there is a beta in the works.  Expect a to convert from UTM to XG with UTMv9.7 and XGv18.  I understand this will be a button to convert, similar to when converting UTM from 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 and so on.

    But I would backup the config, create a VM and try it there before going live.  They're so different that I wouldn't trust an automatic tool for several iterations.