Hyper-v 100GB virtual disk?

Hi there

I just did a fresh install of the latest XG on a Server 2012R2 Hyper-V platform for testing purposes. I already running UTM 9 for some years... I wonder why the heck the XG blows up the virtual disk to 100GB? At the moment i don't have any traffic on this box, i don't think that this space is already in use. This is quiet inefficient on a virtualization platform. Is there a way to shring this disk or make use of thin provisioning?

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  • Hi Martin,

    you are using Hyper-V Image right? 

    If you want to have Thin-Prov or lower capacity on VHD.

    Try to use Software Installer in a newly created VM. 



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    Hi Olli

    I have used the installer image this time. Thin provisioning (dynamically expanding) doesen't work, because XG formats the volumes at the very beginning of the setup routine an blows it up to appr. 40GB. I assume this is mainly caused by the reporting partition. I tried to use a fixed disk (10GB) this also seems to work, although it isn't optimal.

    But thanks anyway, i will do some furhter testing..



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    Hi All,

    see what wrote here:


    so 80 GB of disk space is the minimum.

    If you consider that reporting in onboard, 80 or 100 GB are not a huge requirement!

  • I use the software image and assign 20 to 30 GB hard drive. I don't use thin provisioning or use dynamic memory for my vms. I set up a 20GB drive for the vm in the last XG beta and upgraded it to the final version. I only have 3 users behind the XG but the disk usage seems to be fine. As Luk suggested, 80GB is not really that big but if you are using XG at home without excessive logging requirements, you can assign lower amounts to your XG vm.

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    Normally you're right, but i have the VMs running on SSD amongst other VMs. My point is: There are no reports on this box, obviously the partition is formatted but almost empty. On UTM 9 i never had this problem.