How to upgrade existing UTM 9.3 Home configuration to XG Firewall Home?

Am currently running Sophos UTM 9.3 Home Edition.  Is it possible to upgrade directly from UTM 9.3 to XG Firewall Home edition? Or import an existing UTM 9.3 configuration backup into a new install of XG Firewall Home edition?

Has anyone successfully managed to do this?

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    v17 is not even in beta yet.


    Understood. However this capability has been discussed for quite some time.  Will this, in fact, be introduced with v17?
    This is exciting.  Appreciate your response.
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    What I have heard (Sophos Discover) is that if one is released it wont be a full migration tool.  The full migration tool will have to wait until v18.

    Sophos did say that this was a much more difficult tool to create than they thought.  There are some other projects going on that they reference and I believe we will be seeing those come to fruition with v18 which will allow them to offer a full UTM to XG migration tool.  

    This is all a rumor at this point until Sophos publicly acknowledges.



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    Best to rebuild

    Print the config of your UTM to PDF.  As a PD you can copy and paste as you need.

    Use that as your reference -- Rules will change so you can just reference and compose as you need.

    Do not name anything TV as "TV" is a domain.  Instead use MAINLGTV or SONYTELEVSION as an example.

    Find the MAC id's of all your home devices.  Make a table for reference in a txt file.  You may wish to make allowances for the MAC to IP in your DHCP rules as well as clientless user on that same IP address.  Table references do help.  Rules fo IP --> Port --> IP Address so if you have your doco...

    Hope that helps.

    As Endpoints are managed in Central so that is no loger on the UTM.  Again you will need to reference your Exclusions etc.. from the UTM printed configuration.

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    Hello i was looking for a way for exporting or print the full config in the german home (9.506 ) version

    but maybe i`m blind

    or you have to go page by page ??

    thanks Gerald


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    Herr Gerald,

    Happy New Year!


    In the UTM 9506 Interface:

    Go to Support

    Go to Printable Configuration

    Generate Report

    Allow the pop up

    Scroll to the bottom of the popup

    in the section:

    Alternatively, you can view the whole storage on a single page:            

    choose "In WebAdmin format."

    Surf your configuration or print to PDF

    most my sites are around 200 pages but you can use Control + F to find passwords to SSID and Interfaces and objects.

    Surf away and let me know how you go.