Migrate configuration Sophos SG135 for a new Sophos XG310

Good Morning,

I currently have a SG135 and bought an XG310, I need to migrate the settings to the XG310.

Are there any tools I can do that?

Thank you all

  • There are numerous posts in this community regarding this. Do your searches.

    There's a tool, yes, but up to recently, you had to request it to your local Sophos dealer.

    It works only partially.  At best.

    Best option is obviously to start from scratch.

    If your setup is more than a little complex, I would rather convert your XG310 into a UTM SG310 up until XGv18 arrives in mid 2020.  If it is still possible to do so.

    Many features from SG are not implemented in XG.  I can only presume that parity will arrive with XGv20 god knows when.

    Such a migration could only be done by an EXPERT in both platform.  Not the guy who attended Sophos classes last week.

    Or you may have a lot of time and open to a long learning curve.  But first thing is to look if XG has all features you want.

    Good Luck

    Paul Jr

  • There is a tool, but I don't believe it would work going from different models.  Basically if the devices don't have the same amount of NIC's it would cause issues.