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I am using the Home Edition and I don't have a partner. Is there a possibility to get the migration tool?


  • The Migration Tool is only for Sophos Partner. 

    And to be honest, it is better to migrate your home appliance by yourself to learn, how the appliance works. There are several differences in the handling of UTM to XG. 

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    is there another way to transport the network definitions.

    I added every device manually with its mac and I am sure there would be many mistakes if I write them down and add them again manually.

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    How many network definitions do you have?


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    Nearly 50....some with more than 1 mac

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    There is not. Because XG does not handle the MAC´s like UTM does. So basically (and this is one negative point in XG), you have to maintain the MAC´s in different tabs like in DHCP, Host objects and Clientless users. 

    Something which is already addressed to be "fixed". i cannot tell you any kind of ETA.