Break UTM HA Pair to start XG migration

I support a pair of SG430s setup as a HA pair running UTM.  I'm planning to change them over to XG soon.  Is it possible for me to break the HA pair and upgrade one of them to XG and run both fully licensed until I'm ready to shutdown the UTM completely?  

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    Which HA deployment mode are you running (active-active/active-passive)? If you are setup in an active-passive operation, you may only have 1 active license. You would need 2 active licenses in order to run both fully licensed at the same time.


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    Hi FloSupport,

    Thanks for the reply.  We are licensed for active / passive, so it sounds like that won't work.  I suppose I could run a trial version on the one I switch over to XG and hopefully have it fully configured before the trial runs out and upgrade the license.  Would that work?


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    That should work, I believe you would have about 30 days in your trial license to get all the features configured and setup before it reverts to a basic functionality license.