iView FTP Backup Issues?

I've just setup my trial of iView and one of the things I'm trying to do is have it automatically backup to an FTP server. I've set it for daily FTP at whatever time, put in the FQDN (have also tried IP) the username and pass. But the time goes by and I never get a file! I know connectivity is good because I can ping the hostname OR IP to/from the iView box so DNS is good too. I also know that the account works just fine because I can do a normal FTP from another box and it of course works just fine. When I look at FTP logs of where I'm pointing iView I see no attempts so to me it's never even bothering to try. Any idea of where to look to troubleshoot?


Side Note: I have SFM setup in the same way and it's sending backups no prob!





  • Well, apparently it works but on its own schedule. In fact this is the same issue I have with scheduling reports. I think scheduling in general is just busted in iView because I'll schedule a report say at 9pm and I'll get it at 6am. My clock isn't off because I'm using NTP I just think it completely ignores any schedules you set..


    Anyone else experience this oddness?