Importing LDAP user & Groups

Sophos XG V1


I want to import LDAP Domain user & Groups, Please help me how I can import in Sophos  So that I can set policies to groups and users.


I search in admin web page didn't find anywhere, please help me  to import,


Thanks.  :)

  • I have added authentication server in Sophos, I want to enable Captivate portal to apply custom polices.


    Please help me how should i do,





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    did you create the LDAP group?


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    I followed the link you provided, Followed those steps still users and groups didn't sync in sophos firewall.


    I am confused in this line please help me for better understanding


    "If a separate LDAP group is not created, the users are added to the Default group in SF when they log in for the first time."


    I have created LDAP group selected that group as default group for Firewall authentication method, Still no success :(

    where i have to login for the first time to import users and groups in Sophos firewall

    Please Help  :)




    Jack :)

  • In reply to jack admin:


    Managed to import LDAP users and groups, I turned on captive portal when LDAP Domain user logs in for network authentication automatically users were imported to Sophos Firewall.


    Even users were imported after login in from user portal https://sophosip:443


    Manually I have to create groups and assign particular groups to users.