Downloading the upgrade to iView 3 destroyed my iView 2 VM

Hi, I have just pushed the "Download" button for iView 3 and after 20 seconds i got logged out from the web interface.
I was unable to login with my admin credentials and I found out the VA was factory resetted.
I could login back with admin/admin credentials and inside there was no previous configuration nor any log.
I have lost all my firewall logs...

Any one with this issue?

  • Massimo,

    On my iView VM, I upgraded from version 2 to version 3 beta and then to version 3 without losing any data.

    Opening a ticket is a must ( even if you have lost data).


  • In reply to lferrara:

    Already opened. 

    It seems there was an error during the download of the update and everything got destroyed.

    It is incredible to me that a failed download (mind you I just pressed the download, the operation did not completed, I never arrived to the point to install the update) could corrupt the whole configuration and all the data. 


    My support told me to just re-deploy the VM from scratch but I requested an escalation, this is a major bug. 

    Not to mention having lost all the logs...

  • In reply to lferrara:

    Same here. Upgraded from iView 2 to 3 without any issues, on VMware. My iView was installed using the ISO file (not the premade vm template).

    One important thing is: When Sophos iView will start using reliable Device IDs, like Serial Numbers, instead of IPAddress+DeviceType? I mean, multiple uplinks are a common scenario all around and everytime the device reachs the iView with a different address you end up with another device to be registered and you have no way of identifying them as the same device.

    - You cannot register multiple IPs on a Device

    - You cannot register the same hostname on multiple IPs

    - You can multipath rule the UTM to iView but if that uplink goes down you're back on the same spot either way

    iView should identify devices with a more reliable UID like Serial Numbers. It's a completely unreliable syslog tool the way it's currently designed.