Authentication Server (LDAP/AD) Settings

Has anyone successfully got external authentication working with iView v2? I can not seem to get the right settings and can not find the correct log file to show me what it does not like about the settings I am using. 

I had iView v1 working with my AD server just fine but can not seem to find the secret sauce for version 2. 

All suggestions are welcome.  :)

  • It does LDAP server integration successfully in iView2 it should work but need to add correct required criteria like Base DN, Administrator cn name and password, Authentication Attribute. If any of the above required details are not filled correctly than it would through error message of connection failed.
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    I finally figured this out. my AD server is actually is a zentyal server (Samba4) and I use it for central authentication for all my systems and clients. Below are the settings that I have found to work:

    • Server Type: LDAP
    • Server Name: <name of server>
    • Server IP: <IP of server>
    • Port: <389 or 636>
    • Version: 3
    • Base DN: <cn=Users,dc=mydomain,dc=lan>
    • Administrator: <CN="First Last">    #quotes are needed here
    • Password: <password>
    • Authentication Attribute: <cn>

    Once I had the above all filled in my test worked and I was able to add a user and use external authentication.

    Hope this helps someone who is trying to do this.

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    Worked for me 


    Cheers  :)