Why does iview need more than 1 ethernet port

I have setup iview internally in the network to talk to XG. While setting up iview i noticed it required atleast 2 ethernet ports. 1 LAN and 1 WAN. I have assigned both internal lan ip addresses only for its LAN and WAN port

Since my XG is sending syslog using the LAN ethernet of the iView, will there be any harm if i remove the WAN ethernet port of the XG. Will it stop the iView from working.

  • Hey Dylan,

    Would it be possible to clarify your question and network setup? 

    "will there be any harm if i remove the WAN ethernet port of the XG"


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    Does iview  require a LAN and WAN port to collect syslog information. If the iView is placed inside the LAN does it still required port 1 and port 2

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    It should only require the single internal port physically connected to your XG to receive syslog information. After the initial setup, you could physically disconnect the other ports (you won't be able to delete them).


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    Hi Flo,

    is the iview configuration much different to the UTM (SUM) and XG management tools? Both of those applications use the basic software but only require 1 port for all functions.

    I find your answer a little strange in that the iview device is behind an XG or UTM and has no direct connection to the external interfaces and I would expect it to download any firmware updates via the internal port and remote access to it via a DNAT firewall rule?


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    Hey Ian,

    My error and mistake, you are correct. During the initial setup it mentions the configuration of a LAN and WAN port. However, afterwards you would only need one single port physically connected to your gateway (XG/UTM) to properly receive syslog information.