"Department" reporting


I'm testing iView (SIVOS 03.01.2) to get better reporting than I can get on my UTM9.

On my UTM9 I have Departments set up in the web reporting to break the networks into:

  1. Domain joined staff devices. Users are authenticated on this network, and devices have access to server resources so this is monitored closely
  2. Mobile devices. Users are not authenticated here, and have only very limited access to server resources. This network mainly exists so staff BYOD's can have internet access, and there isn't much monitoring required unless i'm looking for something specific in which case i'll probably be grepping logs.
  3. Guest network. For providing guests with internet access. Almost no monitoring is required.

So i'm mainly interested in the Domain joined devices "department", where all the interesting stuff happens.

How can I get the same level of filtering in iView? I only really want to see what the staff devices are accessing, and if I don't filter out the others there is too much noise for any of the reports to be useful.

If iView isn't quite ready for this sort of reporting, can anyone suggest a third party product that can deliver?