iView timing seems mismatched

We are having some issues with the timing corresponding to the same type of time or compensation for the time. If you look at the iView console/shell you get the date and its the current time for the time zone and is correct. If you try to use like the reporting schedule, we have to comp for about 6 hours earlier for it to work at the time we are needing it to. After a restart yesterday now the time for the reports is 4 hours and the data being gathered is being put into the wrong date range (looks to be 12-13 hours off. Any suggestions or ideas on what is causing this?

  • After further research, found that the logs for the traffic from the Firewall (XG 210) is 6 hours different than the current time they are coming in. Still do not understand why this is as the firewall's time matches the iView. Checked our other log services and the firewall is sending the correct time with the logs and is correct on the service for that. So looks to be something with just iView. 

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    Restarted the iView server twice and seems to fix on the second one. 

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    there appears to be a bug in the reporting use of time zones and daylight saving adjustments.

    If you review the report generation time within the report you will more than likely find it refers to gmt and offset, not local time.


    UPDATE:- just checked my reports and am very confused. On the 17th of Feb 2018 my reports show GMT +10 (should be +11 for daylight savings) and reports generated at 09.18.00. On the 18th Feb 2018 my report show AEDT and reports generated at 01.18.00. Both days the XG software was v17.0.5 MR5