delete or edit my Sophos ID accounts - problems "ApplianceCertificate" (diacritic)



can I  somehow change my residence data in Sophos ID?

I have a problem with "ApplianceCertificate"

Specifically with line: "Subject /C=CZ/ST=Stredoceský/L=Bystrce/O=Doma/OU=OU/CN=SophosApplianceCertificate_C01001Q4,,,,,,,/emailAddress=jc,,,,,,,@,,,,,.,,"


In this line is: "Stredoceský/L=Bystrce" -  It should be: "Stredocesky=Bystrice"


I can’t change this certificate because it is linked with my Sophos XG Home activation number.


Can it be solved? I have some troubles with SSL VPN malfunction due to this mistake. I have to edit this line in client PC with # (ignore). After that the connection works.


I need to edit my Sophos ID account, where it is with diacritics and that’s the problem. And to reactivate Sophos XG Home after this editing.

Or to delete it and start from a scratch…


Thank you for advice.