Firmware for managed firewalls issue



I have an issue with the firmware updates of the firewalls that I manage with SFM.


Since severals months, in the Firmware tab, I see device list with SFOS  17.5.9 applicable version, but the devices listed are already updated with the 17.5.9 version.

When a new firmware version is out, I can update some of the firewalls, but not 100% of them because they never appear in the list of applicable devices. To update them I have to manualy connect on the GUI and update it manualy.


Now, 100% of my firewalls are up to date, and there is still devices listed in the firmware tab as we can see:

The problem was the same in the last firmware of SFM (17.1.1 MR-1) and I thought 17.1.2 MR-2 would correct the issue, but the issue is still present.


Any ideas ?