Firewalls are shown as incompatible

Hello Community,

we have 2 SG Firewalls with SFOS 17.5-MR-9 (SG125) and 18.0.0 (SG550). Both firewalls are shown as incompatible. With 18.0.0 I can understand this, according to the release notes this version is not yet compatible. When will support for v18 be added to the SFM?
The SG125 (17.5-MR9) is connected behind a NAT gateway. The SFM is behind the SG550 and ports 443, 8443 and 6514 are passed through to the SFM inbound. The SG125 is to pull the data from the SFM. This does not seem to work. No firmware is displayed. What is the problem here?



  • Hi Ben@Network,

    Please make sure you have correct configuration on firewall to connect to the SFM. Please compare the configuration with this KB Article : Sophos Firewall Manager: How to add a Sophos Firewall

    You could add firewall manually or through the wizard. If you already tried to add firewall with wizard, please try to add firewall manually. 

    SFOS version 17.5.9 MR-9 and SFOS 18.0.0 are compatible with SFM, please check out this KB Article : Sophos Firewall Manager: How to make higher SFOS versions compatible with SFM.


  • In reply to H_Patel:

    Hello H_Patel,

    I can now manage the XGs version 18 with the SFM. If the firewalls are directly connected to the internet, they are now fully displayed.
    Only my firewall behind the NAT gateway does not want to go online. I see the licenses of the firewall in the SFM, but e.g. not the SFOS version. On the firewall I have entered the public name of the SFM. On the SFM I have entered the internal IP of the firewall and that the data should be retrieved by Firewall. After a short time the whole thing turns up on the SFM transfers the data and it is in the configuration the public IP of the firewall.