Sophos FireWall Manager - Web policys and groups

Bit of an issue.

It seems you cant add AD groups to the firewall manager to assign to a web policy lets say. Unless im missing something ?

So you create a web policy, with the default "Everyone"  deploy this to your XG device, then on that XG device you add the relevant group to the web policy, then lets say someone updates the web policy on the firewall manager and deploys it, then it strips the groups off and back to everyone again 

Any ideas ?


  • Hey  

    When you push the policy to the firewall, What option you select in when it asked for "Override Configuration".

    Would you please provide steps? how are you doing it? it would help us to assist you better.

    Yes: Will override the configuration

    No: Below are the explanation

    If Add entity event is performed, it will push new entity to XG device

    If Update entity event is performed :

    • If any change is there in configuration, It will update the entity to XG device
    • If the same configuration is updated and pushed then Push event fail