SFM not getting logs from XG's



I'm having an issue where the SFM isn't grabbing the logs from any of the XG's.  Everything shows up no results.  If I go on the XG's all the logs are there.  Do I need to allow a port on the firewall?



  • Did you ever get an answer to this or figure this out? I am brand new to these devices and am doing a proof of concept with these and I am having issues seeing any logs in SFM.

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    Figured I would answer my own question for anyone that has this same issue, should be a simple fix.


    On the XG device, go to configure on the left-hand side, System Settings > Log Settings. You should see an entry for a log server, which should be the SFM IP. You need to check all of the logging options in here for them to pass through to SFM. Hope this helps someone else.