Duplicate Entry Not Allowed



I am aware that there is already a thread on this from about 4 months ago but the solution seemed to be to wait for SFM17.1GA which is what we are running.


We currently have 4 XG devices (running is HA) managed by SFM quite happily.  We had some issues with another HA setup and I ended up removing the device/s from SFM.  After various registrations and deletions from SFM I can not now register the devices.  Configuring the settings on the XG's themselves does not bring up the devices in the discovery list and when I try to manually add them it complains about Duplicate Entry.


Using the psql commands from the other thread I can see that the two devices are listed in the database but not showing on the web front end.


Any help to completely remove them would be appreciated.

  • I guess, you should open a Support Case. Such issues are kinda impossible to support via Forum. 

  • Are you logged in as yourself, or the admin user?

    I've noticed that even if I put a user in the administrator group rather than the device administrator, I still have to assign the device to the user.