How to rollout 17.5 via SFM


my SFM only wants to rollout 17.1 MR to the firewalls.
What if I want to install a new version to the XGs?
The 17.5 compatibility is installed.

  • They did not provide latest 17.5 Update for SFM OnPremise so far.

    Compatibility Packs are made for directly managing Firewalls with 17.5 with a Firewall Manager running on 17.0.
    Compatibility Packs are not for creating Templates based on 17.5 Features. For that, you need to wait until SFM 17.5 is available.

    This is very very uncool indeed. Due to their Cloud-First strategy, sophos plans to publish furthre SFM OnPremise Release to be published later than on SFM Cloud Environment. Sophos promised to publish SFM OnPremise Update end of January 2019 to be available, so it should come within next 3 Days...

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    The three days are over... and no new information.

  • any timeline available for SFM 17.5 release?

  • In reply to momentum:

    Very good question... SFOS 17.5 MR3 is available but SFM 17.5 required for distribution and management is not yet available.