Pushing configuration items to all devices


Under SUM I could maintain a list of Hosts, FQDN Hosts, Host Groups etc, and have them push to all devices. This was really useful for when we needed to add a new IP address that was allowed to access SSH etc.

Does this functionality exist under SFM? I can see that I can maintain entire configurations, but I want to maintain a central list of Host definitions and have them automatically push out to all devices without having to click any manual push button etc.

Same for web exceptions etc - once a requirement for an exception is identified I would like to make a central change and have it automatically push out everywhere.



  • Hi - did you ever get a response regarding your query?

  • Hi James,


    You probably have a solution for this since you posted in April 2018 but it may helps others, I found that if you used groups for hosts etc that you can select all devices within Device Configuration and push these out to all/subset of devices. The key thing to allow this is to use groups for your rules always, if your rule just has a list of hosts/services then I haven't been able to find a way to change this on multiple firewalls at a time, I can't comment on the Web exceptions as we don't use this as yet.