Sophos Connect and NAT Traversal (NAT-T) with Sophos XG FW

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Is possible to establish a IPSec connection between a laptop/PC (Sophos Connect Client) which is in the LAN of a Router which is doing PAT?

With the below scheme in order to establish connectivity you have to use NAT Traversal (NAT-T).


PC/Laptop ----(LAN)-----Routers(PAT)----------Internet-------------SophosXG(home)-------Home_LAN



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    If the router is able to forward packets/traffic generated from PC and reply packet from Sophos XG, it would work and able to connect VPN.

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    Hi Keyur,

    I had to talk with the IT to open the IPsec through the Router :-)

    Usually a solution to a problem is very easy to found but we are searching at the wrong way :-(


    Thanks for your help.