Sophos Connect client issue

Hello Group

I am having an issue installing the new Sophos connect client from the 17.5 mr releases.

It appears to install fine for the users laptop, but when I reboot the laptop the client doesn't auto start.  So, I went to find the install location and created a desktop shortcut.  When clcicking on the client connect icon I created as the regular user, it eventually fails saying it can't recognize the certificate.  This is a normal Windows 10 laptop (As normal as Windows 10 can be).  But, if I click on the desktop icon that I created and run as administrator (Entering the administrative credentials), it runs normally.

So several issues here:

why is it not running on startup for the user when they login?

Why is it not running as the normal user on the laptop but only as administrator?

What is this certificate error that now keeps popping up?


This has been installed exactly like how I have always installed the previous versions of the client.  None of my laptop users have administrative access and all other laptop users with the older client (Because I haven't updated them yet, and wont now until this issue is resolved) work perfectly fine.


I did notice that when logging into the client user portal, it only gives the option to download the clients for windows now and not client and configuration like it use to.



  • Hello Terry,


    The client user portal on XG does not allow the download of the Sophos Connect Client and its policy. That is ONLY available for SSL VPN Client. I think there is some confusion between the two clients. Sophos Connect does not have its own certificate so not sure why there is a certificate error. The only reason why that could happen is because you are having a auto-connect connection that uses certificate for IKE authentication and that could be the reason why there is an error. Can you PM me and send me the technical support report from the Sophos Connect Client about page.


    Thank you,


  • In reply to rmk_2018:


    I made a minor mistake in my config and forgot to enable the SSL vpn for the user.  Once I did that, the proper client and config download appeared.

    Although, I am not sure where Sophos connect came from.  I have never used it.


  • In reply to Terry Bennett:

    Thank you Terry for the update. Sophos Connect is the new IPsec Client used for connecting to XG or SG. Please try it out and see which one meets your requirements. In case you try then please let us know your feedback.


    Best Wishes,


  • In reply to rmk_2018:

    Hello Terry,

    We have released Sophos Connect 2.0 EAP with support for IPsec and SSL VPN remote access. Please see if you can try it out instead of the current stand alone SSL VPN you are using.