sophos connect vpn vs voip

XG210_WP03_SFOS 17.5.4 MR-4: Is what's described below at all relevant for Sophos Connect vpn client sessions when there is also lan/wan voip traffic on the same xg? I'm isolating the cause of voip calls randomly terminating since a few recent changes were made including deploymet of Sophos Connect.

Note: When there is a Site-to-Site VPN  and/or IPS configured in the XG, then the following two commands help resolving the VoIP calls drop or poor quality issue:

set vpn conn-remove-tunnel-up disable

  • When disabled, it will not flush the connections when IPSec tunnels come up

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    We have re-released version 17.5 Mr -4-1 yesterday as there was an issue with IPsec VPN on the firmware which was mentioned above. Could you please try to use this firmware and check if that would resolve your issue?

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    I just applied MR4-1 overnight to correct the dns problem we saw impacting vpn clients not related to voip but too early to tell the result.  Is there anything relevant to non-vpn voip traffic in the update?


     Issues Resolved in SF 17.5 MR4-1: NC-45246 [IPsec] Sophos Connect Client does not get DNS server after update to SF 17.5 MR4

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    At the moment no, there is no changes to the VOIP behaviour in Mr-4-1 as mentioned in the release notes.