Sophos Connect Client not using internal DNS

Hi all!

...back again with another Connect Client issue Sad

I can establish a connection but there are wrong (external IPV6) DNS server entries on the client.

I configured DNS servers on the XG:

But this is what the client shows:

Therefore I'm unable to ping hostnames, IPs work fine.

Client Version is
XG Version 17.5.4 MR-4

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    Hi Ramesh,

    actually I gave up this morning... All I can say is that everytime I make a change in the policy I click on Apply afterwards and Export connection. On the client-side I delete the "old" profile and import the new one.
    I tried 3 different certificates: Appliance cert, our domain cert and a self generated cert - Everytime I get the same errors: no issuer certificate found and no trusted RSA public key found

    Sorry if my dumbness is the cause of this Confused

    I opened a support case.

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    My apologies for any inconvenience caused and no worries at all, we are here to help. Would it be possible to PM me with your support case details so I can follow up with you accordingly?