Connection fails with "Failed to send command to IPSEC service"

Hi All

I have a Win 7 Enterprise (64) machine that's failing to connect to our VPN XG with the message "Failed to send command to IPSEC service".
The Sophos Connect service appears to be running happily.
Googling the error doesn't find a single example of it, and it's not mentioned in the Sophos Connect Troubleshooting guide.

Anyone got any ideas please?

Many thanks

  • Hello Roderick,


    I am assuming that you are running Sophos Connect on Windows. What version of Sophos Connect Client are you running? You can get the version from the About Page. If you running on Windows, then Open Services Control Panel and look for "strongSwan IPsec service". This service MUST by running. If not restart the service and then try to connect. Please let us know how it goes.