Managed Device Status Red, sophos central firewall manager

Dear all,

after adding some customer's firewalls i noticed that sometimes the status becames "disconnected".
all firewalls have local acl with scm ip address (htts-accept) 


(this img is an example)

how can i remediate this issue?

  • Would recommend to open a Sophos Support Case because you need to check each appliance at their own. Could be a connection issue or a XG issue. 

  • I have a ton of these as well. Any input from a mod or Sophos rep? The platform overall seems to be unstable. I've been given multiple possible remedies, but nothing consistent.


  • In reply to DanielConley:

    Seems kinda odd to me. Checked 3 different CFM accounts right now and all seems to be fine (green). 

    So would recommend to check this with Sophos Support.

    All my XGs are located in Germany or German Cloud.