XG with two RED 50, one keeps disconnecting

We have an XG 230 with two RED 50s connecting branch offices. One site has been totally stable while the other site's RED 50 disconnects and won't pull dhcp addresses from the XG after it reconnects unless we restart dhcp on the XG firewall. I'm not sure whether it's a defective RED or a flaky ISP connection. Since the two REDs are the same age and use the same XG I'm inclined to blame Comcast. 

Does anybody have advice on troubleshooting to isolate the issue to the RED or the ISP? Also what should I grep for in the RED log to identify disconnects? I did it once with a support tech, but lost my notes



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    Sorry to hear about this issue you've been experiencing. Try taking a look at the suggestions provided in the RED technical training KBA.

    Is there a difference in how your two RED sites are configured?

  • In reply to FloSupport:

    The two REDs are configured identically except for subnets and VLAN tags, this is what leads me to think it's either a defective RED or an ISP issue, and I lean towards a RED problem because we lose dhcp on reconnection.

  • We've seen the same thing with the RED, with different hardware, and different software. After a reboot or reconnection the RED won't serve DHCP. Only way to restore it is to disable/re-enable the DHCP pool on the XG. This used to work fine with the RED connecting to an SG. This, along with a number of other major bugs with the RED platform forced us to ditch them completely.

  • In reply to Jeremy Parr:

    You could try to use the Beta RED firmware. 

    There is a checkbox option for Beta Firmware on RED in Webgui.

    Maybe this firmware runs better. 

  • After talking to support I pushed new firmware to the REDs, we will see whether they stay stable.