Releasenotes AP firmware

Hi all,

I know im not the only one who likes to know what the changes are in the new AP firmware version 11.0.001 I got offered in the XG Firewall.



  • Sophos where is the release notes of AP firmware?


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    I just wanted to create a similar thread. For me it's unintelligible that there are no Releasenotes for such releases!

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    It is a very bad thing Sophos did not reply to this...

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    This is the second thread, the first one seems to have vanished.

    Hey Talex, Karlos,  any information?


  • there have not been release notes for AP firmware since version 6.0 

    I think there are no release notes for any update pattern since XG UTM

    For me, of every pattern update this AP is the most and only important and should have release notes.

    Maybe someone knows where to find the source code or download the 'binary' file, maybe they contain some info whatever IEEE 802.11 is available

    Old Quote of Talex april 2017
    I saw it and as already said forwarded to our product management. In the meanwhile I try to find a workaround for you.
    When I wrote it's already in the release notes, I missed the fact that in XG we have the firmware as pattern. General changes in RED/Wireless are already in the changelog, but firmware specific changes are NOT. Sorry about my mistake here.

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     anything on this yet?

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              where is the release notes of AP?


    Regards, Ronak.

  • at least you get a free cocktail receipe wich every major AP OS Upgrade if you login to AP Shell ;)


    Yours Lukas



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     BARRIER BREAKER (14.07, unknown)
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    The barrier breaker is a bit of a worry, we are trying to improve the barriers, not break them.LOL

    A bug in the new AP software, after a total power off of the XG, updated BIOS the restarted, the  XG does not show IP addresses in the client list on the AP. I have powered off my Mac left it for about 5 minutes then reconnected, still no IP address on display.

    The printers in their own SSID sometimes show an IP address and more often than not do not have a name, just a MAC address. The DHCP server on the XG shows the devices have an assigned IP address.


    Update:- many hours later, the android is showing an IP address. Everything else is connecting to the wifi without an IP address and able to access the internet.

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    The wireless team is working on this. They currently publish on a blog, release notes for central wireless firmware releases. This process will be repeated for XG wireless releases very soon. Stay tuned.

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    Hi AlanT,

    I must have forgotten hit post. The issue appears to be the 5ghz because the 2.4ghz SSIDs intermittently show IP address against connected devices.


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    Hi AlanT, where to find the wireless team publishing blog?

    When will the wireless team start working on the XG wireless release notes?

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    The wireless team has adopted the same process as other teams now for XG/UTM wireless, and will publish release notes going forward, for new AP firmware releases, to the XG blog. UTM9 wireless firmware release notes will be included in the UTM9 release notes, for the corresponding firmware release including those firmware updates. 

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    Thank you

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    As I understand correctly, there will not be any release notes for the  11.0 Version of AP Firmware on XG?

    I'd need to know whether AP 10 is still supported or not.