SSL VPN as a service on laptops? How to?

I've configured OpenVPN to run as a service on laptops so that as soon as the laptops power on and receive internet (via wifi, 4g hotspot, wire, whatever) it will automatically connect to the VPN allowing domain login and profile updates, and requires no user interaction to get this done and stays connected as long as the internet connection is active.


How can I achieve this with the Sophos XG and their firewall methods? 




*edit* I see this link: 


but it's just making a startup shortcut. I want the computer to connect as a service before getting past the login screen. Also would be great if it was possible to encrypt the username/password used to login on the pc itself.

  • Well found out I could edit HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\OpenVPNService and add --connect "****.ovpn" to get it to connect exactly how I want. Now I just wish I could get the little systray gui to load under any user profile that loads to show it's nifty dummy green light.


    Ideas anyone?