Cant resolve site from internal LAN.

Hi all,

I have a XG210 in gateway mode. Also I have a server with a site ( in it and an internal DNS server ( to publish the site.

I can see the site from the internet but not from the internal LAN.

I have a DNAT rule to also access the site from external sites.

I create a DNS host entry.

And I'm pretty sure no DNS traffic is blocked by the firewall.

Users have and as DNS in their machines, I did switch the DNS IP to our internal DNS and still can't resolve it.

I can ping the host from the LAN.

I don't have DHCP configured in the XG.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • John,

    if you are using internal DNS, make sure to create a the proper record A inside the proper zone and that computers are able to resolve "www" by name.

    Take note that "www" is not sufficient. In your internal network, computers are joined to a domain, for example test.local, so creating a www will correspond to www.test.local.

    On XG, create the host using FQDN and ping the name from XG and check if it works.


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    Hi lferrara,

    We have a forward in the internal DNS server to Google DNS to resolve the site.

    In the users pcs they're using the internal DNS. They can ping the site and also the tracert is succesfully but we're not able to see the site when using http/s.

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    I'm able to resolve the site from the LAN after check the "Create Reflexive Rule" option in the DNAT rule of the site.