Sophos WiFi APs - client roaming?

Can Sophos APs provide seamless client roaming? I haven't seen it in the literature. I'm looking for some bring similar to Aruba's client match or Ubiquiti's zero handoff.

For a little background, I'm about to install some new XG appliances (210 and 125) for a couple of offices, but I also need to install several wifi access points. I like the idea of a vertically integrated solution by adding several Sophos AP55 or AP55cs... The hardware looks good, but roaming is an important feature for at least one of the offices. The XG essentially acts like a wireless controller so this seems like it *should* be possible but I don't know.

  • AP assisted client roaming should be supported if the client also supports it (from the UTM9 help):
    UTM supports the IEEE 802.11r standard in WPA2 (PSK/Enterprise) networks to reduce roaming times. Clients also need to support the IEEE 802.11r standard.


  • Hi Rick,

    Yes, Sophos AP(s) provide client roaming (only available with WPA2 Personal/Enterprise encryption mode). Simply enable Fast Transition in the Wireless Configurations | Advance tab, as mentioned in the previous post by Vilic.


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    You need to configure a Mesh Network of AP(s), for your requirement.

    Later you can enable Fast Transition in the wireless configurations as mentioned in the previous post by Vilic.


    Why is it required to make a mesh of AP's? I use the UTM, do you mean to crete a group of AP's in the UTM first?
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    Also do I need both Mesh and Fast Transition this this to work?

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    I am also wondering about this? I have fast transition on but it still seems that some of the Mac computers have issues roaming, we have to power off wifi and back on to reconnect at times. Also do I loose the band if I setup a mesh mode?

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    I don't believe AP55 mesh, only AP100. AP55 is supposed to sometime in the future from memory.

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    I have 5 AP100c's in my installation, all tied to the same managed POE switch, currently with fast transition enabled on the XG. I was hoping to have it clarified if a Mesh network is still needed or does the switch check that requirement?

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    Hi Brian, we are having the same Problem with Macbook Air Computers.

    Roaming doesn't work at all. All 3 Airport Extreme Access points are in Bridge mode connected to a Sophos UTM 9.

    All Clients have to disable/enable Wifi after moving into the area of another Airport Extreme Access Point

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    Just after some clarity as I have computers facing trouble when moving around the office.


    for client roaming, do i need to create a mesh network or will a wireless network added to the necessary APs suffice?


    My APs are set up in bridged to lan mode..



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    Hi Yahyaa,

    Mesh network is not needed for fast-transition.