Weird IP assignment issue

I have static ips pool matched with MAC addresses.

As seen in the picture Macs and ips not matched together.
No idea Where this macs come from...


There wasnt this kind of issue before latest firmware update.
All Dynamic pooled ips starts with same Octets


  • Hi,

    one of my Apple devices is assigned two different MAC addresses within the MBP, nothing to do with the XG. I could not find why this occurs.

    Out of interest which MACos are you running?


  • In reply to rfcat_vk:

    Macs are Catalina,

    But after my physical investigation;

    There was a unknown AP in the network. It was powered on and working when found it.
    Maybe it was on Old configuration with DHCP on when investigated it.


    Unplugged that ap and ip deployment of Sophos gets working as supposed to be.