SSLVPN Connecting to Remote site through IPSEC

We have 25 sites connected via IPSEC tunnels.  Those connections are working, traffic is flowing as expected.  We have SSLVPN setup to come into the main location, just using the prebuilt range of addresses


I am trying to set it up so that when connected they can also reach resources at the remote sites.  From what I can tell I have the FW rules setup properly (at least on the HQ side) and I see the remote networks in my VPN config, but I am GUESSING that the remote side does not know how to send traffic back to the SSLVPN users IP.


Any ideas on how to pull this off?

  • I was able to get this working.


    On the IPSec connection I needed to create a network for the SSLVPN range.  It has to be a whole network, not just the range setup in the SSLVPN.  Once that was set on both sides, we were good to go