Upload limited from P1 but not from P3

We have a 200Mbps Up/Down fiber connection on P2 (WAN).

From the LAN/network on Port 1, speed tests show 200/15-30

From VLAN network on Port 3.101, speed tests show 200/200

There are no difference in policies, traffic shaping, QoS; etc

Port 1 and 3 are fed by a (MDF) 2-switch stack, so we have 1/1-1/52 & 2/1-2/52 in one management console

Port 1 is fed from 2/45 

Port 3 is fed from 1/10

Client testing is connected to IDF Switch - which connects to above switch via 2x gigE LACP trunk to interfaces on switch 2/##.

I can move the client from LAN (VLAN1) to VLAN101 - and the speed test will change with consistency.

  • Hello John,

    Can you provide more information on your hardware, is it an XG appliance or a software installation.

    Have you tried routing VLAN 101 via Port1 instead to omit/prove that switch 2 is or isn't the cause?


  • In reply to EmileBelcourt:

    XG 210. 
    We can't move any hardware at this time due to working remotely - it can be arranged, but we'd like to have a determination in place before sending someone onsite.

  • In reply to John Woodall:

    Hello John,

    No hardware to move, just add VLAN 101 as tagged to 2/45 and then move VLAN 101 on the XG from Port3 to Port1 (delete and re-add).

    Port1 and Port3 are linked to the same ethernet controller so unless there is a fault with the physical port it's unlikely there is going to be substantial difference between them. If this had been Port1 and Port5 then that's different as they're different controllers and you could likely recreate it on port 5-8.

    Also, go into the CLI advanced shell (option 5 and 4) then do an ifconfig Port1 and just see if there are errors or overruns etc.


  • In reply to EmileBelcourt:

    I will likely just setup a new vlan on P1 and test, otherwise rules will disappear.

    Thanks for the thought.