Hello guys!

I have a silly problem... maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know how to workaround that.


I have a device that discover the master device by multicast


The master device is in the Head office and this other device is here in the breach.

We are connected by IPSec IKEv2 (both by sophos v18)  but the device don't see the master device.

I tried also Multicast route but nothing.

Any suggest?

Could I extend the network mask? How?



  • How is the IPSec created? Policy-Based? Route-Based?


    How are you routing or how did you try routing?

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    IPSec is:

    Brench side
    Local subnet:


    Remote Subnet;


    Head side:
    Local subnet:


    Remote subnet:


    and both side Multicast routing enabled and setted.


    On breanch side vs IPSec
    On Head side vs Port4:


    I think I did the righ configuration, but didn't work.

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    The Multicast IP in the route should be No idea if this will work though.

    An alternative approach would be to enable and configure PIM.

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    in the multicast route was 250...

    I didi some test and edited in 255, but I tried both and, nothing to do.