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I am running Sophos XG on Hyper-V.  Now for testing a few features i have added another LAN card in Hyper-V and  Port C is visible on XG.

I have 2 servers that are connected to a L2 switch on the LAN and then the L2 switch uplink connects to Port A on XG. I would want to move one of the server to directly connect to Port C on XG. When i move the server from the L2 switch to XG, would i need to configure the interface (Port C) on XG with the Network Zone being LAN and with a ststic ip address.

When i have done this i was not able to establish communication betwteen the 2 servers. (from Port A to Port C)

  • Dylar,

    if the third interface belongs to LAN zone, create a LAN to LAN firewall rule.

    Make sure that each interface has a different ip address/netmask.


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    Thank you. So i have created the following 

    1. Created a Zone and added it to LAN type and under network services have enabled DNS and Ping

    2. Under interfaces selected the Port and assigned it to the zone that was created in step 1 and have given it an ip address in the same LAN range.

    3. Created a firewall rule and under sources clicked LAN and Network devices selected my preferred server A

    4. Under destination zone is LAN and destnation network selected my preferred server B


    Device A -

    Device B -

    Port 3 - 

    I am unable to ping from Device A to Device B or from any other device from the LAN. I am able to ping Device B from the XG itself and by selecting Port on which it is connected.

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    Please share a network diagram. Thanks

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    Please see diagram


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    Thanks for the drawing. Port A and port C are both in the same subnet? Why?