v18 Screen Shots !!!

Here on Techbast, some tech "How To" for v18:

  1. How to block Psiphone: https://techbast.com/2019/10/sophos-xg-v18-how-to-block-psiphone.html
  2. Sophos XG Firewall v18 : Changes in the Firewall Rules: https://techbast.com/2019/10/sophos-xg-firewall-v18-changes-in-the-firewall-rules.html
  3. Sophos XG: How to configure Application Control on firmware version 18: https://techbast.com/2019/10/sophos-xg-how-to-configure-application-control-on-firmware-version-18.html

Screen Shots of interest (Dam it !!!  Is that a scoop ???)  v18 menu "Rules and Policies" that replaces the menu "Firewall":

Here I noticed three new tabs: "Firewall Rules", "NAT Rules", and "SSL/TLS Inspection rules".  "Disable Rule" and "Delete Rule" are groupable and relocated.  Also note the disabled "Drop All" I was told by Sophos techs not to ever do.  Never knew why.  Many filtering options.



You guys noticed "Create linked NAT rule", "Web Filtering", "Configure...Heartbeat" ?  Actualy, the "Advanced  Section" was replaced entirely.  "Nat & Routing" is gone essentialy because NAT is now decoupled.

Paul Jr