L2TP VPN has STOPPED working on Windows, Android and Ubuntu

So I have XG appliance, with the latest firmware and since I did an update about a month ago L2TP has stopped working. No setting have changed in the last almost year. The only thing that has changed has been updating the firmware. Does anyone have an idea or anything for me to try? I have deleted the connection, I've removed the user from settings, disabled L2TP in settings. Then re-enabled it, added my user back, created the connection again. I get a message from Windows saying not about to negotiate the security authentication or something like that. Ubuntu says connected but then fails after 1 minute. During the minute, I have no connection even to local resources. Everything was previously working without issues. It would normally take 3-4 seconds and I'd be connected and going about my day. Now I have nothing. And like I said, NOTHING changed except the firmware in almost a year.

  • Hi  

    Can you please share the output from SSH while you connect the L2TP VPN from any device?

    console> show vpn L2TP-logs

    console> show vpn IPSec-logs

    Please verify the configuration as well.