Configuración IPV6

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I need of your help, I have configure an interface with IPV6, but I don't have ping6 to I tell you, since Sophos XG has ping6 to Router my ISP and my interface WAN.


Thank you, I hope of their help

  • Hi Andres,

    have you setup IPv6 firewall rules? Also have you assigned IPv6 addresses to your internal devices?


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    I didn't have configure IPV6 Firewall rules because we are having connection test against the router of my ISP.


    For example I have IPV6 xxxx:xx:xx::2 and the Router ISP has xxxx:xx:xx::1, when I do ping6  xxxx:xx:xx::1 since xxxx:xx:xx::2 on console Firewall XG the connection is correct, but When I do ping6 2001:4860:4860::8888 isn´t correct


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    I tried from the XG GUI and was able to traceroute to that site. I would suspect that your ISP does not have a route to that network.