How to Setup a floating / virtual ip


I am currently trying to setup a floating / virtual ip in my Sophos xg. But seam to be unable to find any resources on how to achive this.

The reason i am trying to set this up is i am preparing an internal test setup of an openshift cluster. which needs two load ballancer in a  HA setup. To be actually highly available they need to share their ip. And this in a active passive configuration.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

  • Can you give us more input about your Request?

    XG HA will use a single IP and Single (virtual) MAC on both Clusters.

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    Thanks for your Reply.

    Of course i can.

    The issue is not that i want a HA Sophos setup. (For that i found plenty of how-to's)

    The simplest setup to reproduce would be:

    1 sophos

    2 load balancer

    2 server (which do the work).                      

    Now the load balancers know the static ips of the server from their config file and forward the recived requests to what ever server has space.

    Of course in the test setup there can be just one, but in a real environment that would be a danger. If i loose that one i lose the whole service therefore i plan to test it with two as well, so one can fail (also in the test setup) .

    But from the "outside" (or in this case another pc from my network)   can't access each load balancer¬†separately over its own ip, i need one single ip which is routed to both load balancers, so when one fails the other responds.

    I read two names for that kind of ip:

    - floating ip

    - virtual ip

    Which bring me back to the question. How is that kind of ip setup in a sophos firewall?

    Kind regards

  • Sophos xg only supports a high availability of the firewall it self according to the support.

  • In reply to Timothy Fehr:

    Hi Timothy,

    Are we sure that a DNAT that loadbalances with a health check does not satisfy your scenario?