XG Firewall not loading PDF Files

Set up an XG 105 in a small residence environment.  Didn't do anything extraordinary from a configuration standpoint, I didn't add any additional policies beyond what is already in place (generated by the setup).  I shut off the SMTP scanning policy, as it was blocking outgoing emails, and I turned off HTTP scanning in the default policy rule.  The client is still not able to download PDF files or view certain web video services.  I'm not certain what's blocking it.  I am still fairly new to the Sophos line, so I'm still learning the product.  Thanks in Advance!

  • Can you show us the Block Page in Browser? 

    How do you see those blocks? 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    I have not directly witnessed these errors.  After doing more investigation on this situation, I'm positive we have an ISP issue, and not a firewall issue.  Sorry for the premature question, but I appreciate the assistance anyways.  Thanks!