Sophos xg - windows WDS PXE


we have recently switched to sophos and we can figure out how to get pxe booting working.

we have a WDS \ MDT server on our servers subnet and we want all clients on all other subnets to be able to pxe boot.

first of all, why in the world arent dhcp options configurable via the web ui like almost 99.9% of all other firewalls???

secondly, we have searched around online and tried this:

in the device console we have ran these commands:

system dhcp dhcp-options binding add dhcpname Default_DHCP_Server optionname TFTP_Server_Name(66) value x.x.x.x (ip address of the wds server)

system dhcp dhcp-options binding add dhcpname Default_DHCP_Server optionname Bootfile_Name(67) value boot\x64\wdsmgfw.efi 


that didnt work at all

would love some advise here


  • Just a small comment on the first part: GUI Integration is "nice to have" from my standpoint, but as far as you can configure something somehow, it is fine for me. As far as i know, there are plans to get this into the GUI with a "revamp" of the DHCP service in the next release :


    To get back to your issue.

    I made a post about this in another thread.

    You should start to dump this DHCP Traffic to see, what is actually going on. 

    Simply dump this into a file, download the file and open it with wireshark. You should see the communication and maybe XG is not properly sending those values or the client is not accepting it.