XG Firewall version 17.5.6 severe network issues

I found out about the latest release of 17.5 last night which is 17.5.6.  I've been having issues with my 17.5.5 not correctly emailing reports and backups over the past month so I decided to upgrade to 17.5.6.  After the reboot, I had to reset my AP30, which seems typical recently.  This morning my computers lost DHCP connection so I had to renew the leases.  Several hours later my AP30 went down again and all the DHCP leases were lost on the network.  No internet and no network.  I had enough.  Thankfully I was able to upgrade back to 17.5.5.  Everything on the network is functioning perfectly once again other than the XG box still cannot correctly email reports or backups.

You may want to wait until the next major release before risking it with 17.5.6