Just not able to allow VPN users to use internet connection

On my XG85W I set up a remote SSL VPN following this guide. Users are now able to connect to the network, but it's not possible to use the internet connection of the VPN. I allowed WAN for VPN, but it is just not possible to use internet connection.

The XG is behind a cable modem and I use the Sophos dynamic DNS to get a FQDN.

I attached screenshots of my config. Would be great if somone has a hint what's wrong.

  • I am curious to know the full IP information the client is getting? Also have you tried pinging an IP address on the internet?

  • In reply to AADD:

    A Ping didn't work. But just now I contacted the Sophos support and they solved it: I had to check "Use gateway-specific default NAT policy" under Firewall > Traffic to WAN and I had to enable "Use as default gateway" under VPN > SSL VPN > Policy > Tunnel Access