VLAN Interface on a virtual XG

Hi together,

I need clarification:

VLAN Interfaces in XG give the advantage to use multiple (tagged) VLANs on one physical interface.

But how to use it when having an virtual XG on Hyper-V.

I think I also need to tag my NIC device in Hyper-V. Otherwise I get no connection to my VLAN environment. But there I can take only 1 VLAN tag.

Using a physical XG (XG210) and added a VLAN there (same Router!) I get a ping al once.

So I need to assign the network adapter more than one time to my (virtual) XG (once for every VLAN).

But then I don't need to use VLAN interfaces any more.


  • Come on guys.

    No answers?

  • It can be done, but the way Hyper-V treats tagged VLAN packets on a virtual NIC is a little maddening to me.

    I think the two ways you can go about it are either:

    1. Add virtual adapters to the VM each VLAN tagged appropriately. These will appear as physical adapters in your VM.
    2. Look into enabling promiscuous mode for Hyper-V. (This was a little above my head though...)