Unable to access TP Link wireless router admin across zones.

I’m unable to access my wireless router administration page from a different zone.  What settings are required to allow access?

This is what I have setup so far on my Sophos XG Firewall.

Interface 1

Interface 3

The two zones are LAN (default) and Wireless (one that I created).

Wireless Zone

I’ve created a firewall rule to allow communication between the zones.

Firewall Rule

When I ping the gateway from a workstation connected to a switch from port 0, I receive a response.

When I attempt to ping my wireless router, it fails.

When I attempt to access the wireless router admin page from a workstation from the Lan zone, I receive the following error.

When I attempt to access the wireless router admin page from a device on the Wireless zone, it works.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Firewall Rule 6 indicates, that there is simply no traffic in this direction.

    Is the XG the DHCP Server for this wireless network? 

    Can XG itself ping the Wireless router? 

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    The XG is the DHCP server...  When I ping the wireless router from the same port it responds.

    If I ping the router from the port that's connected to my computer it fails.


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    Sounds to  me like your AP is not setup to accept connections from other networks.


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    Is that an easy fix?

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    I expect so, but I don't know what your AP is. Have a look at the AP admin page, there might be a setting to allow remote access or something similar.


  • If your AP doesn't like IP addresses from a different network trying to access its management portal a quick and dirty way of fixing it is to use Masquerading to change the source address of the client to one on the same subnet as the AP. I done this a few times to get round this sort of thing and also the odd occasion the device is missing (or has the wrong) gateway set on it.

  • First of all, is it a router or a modem-router that you bridged to use it as a router?

    If it's a modem router and you connected the sfos to one of the lan interfaces on the router, you can't do it.

    If it's a router and you connected the sfos to the wan interface of the router, first check if access from wan interface in the TP-Link is allowed.

    As the previous one replied you could do it dirty with a dnat rule with masq

    Or a unicast rule?

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    I ended up upgrading my TP Link to an access point, however I was still unable to access the ap from a different subnet.  As a temporary solution, I put everything on the LAN zone and plugged my wifi into my switch.  When I have more time,  i'll try to revisit it.  :(

    It shouldn't be this difficult to allow a device to talk to another device on a different zone/subnet.  Would love an "easy" button for this. 


    Sophos XG 1, me 0

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    last time I checked there is a setting on the tp link that doesn't allow access to the device if outside of its subnet... you can turn it off but it is a setting on the tp link.

    I haven't got access to one right now but i can see if I can get access to it again to find the setting.

    id suggest looking at the admin access page to start with on the tp link.

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    Hi Christopher,

    this is not an XG issue but a TPlink device issue.

    I have 4 networks at home, IoT, VoIP, switches and users.

    I have firewall rules that allow me to access the switches and VoIP equipment which are on different network /24 each from the user network.

    You need to review all the menus in the TP-link device to find out which one is blocking your access or post the details of the model so the forum members can provide an alternate eye.


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    I've just taken a look and there is a setting "Allow remote access" under Network/LAN on the TP Link Device, just needs to be ticked.